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Ignorance of the Law does not make one exempt from compliance thereof.

Using Miss Hardwick's work without prior consent is subject to copyright infringement and legal action will be taken. If found guilty copyright infringement is subject to a fine of $150,000 or more each and every single time it is committed.

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For personal use only, you may print out and share Miss Hardwick's work as long as her name and copyright information is included on the article you are printing. For personal use only.

You do not have permission to copy or reproduce any of Miss Hardwick's work in the following without contacting her personally for permission: newsletters, websites, books, newpapers, e-lists, and e-newletters. However, you may use a link to her work in e-lists, and e-newsletters.

If you are affilated with an adoption agency, and would like to use Miss Hardwick's work, you must first contact her for permission. You do not have permission to print out Miss Hardwick's work, and give copies to clients. Doing so would be copyright infringement.

If you own an adoption related website, and would like to have Miss Hardwick's work on your site: You may use a link to her work on your site, but you do not have permission to reproduce her work onto your site. If her work is found on your site, she will expect you to take it down immediately.

Claiming "not to know any better" is not a valid excuse. Remember, "Ignorance of the Law does not make one exempt from compliance thereof."

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All written content, articles, stories, and poems Copyright 1998-2003 Skye Hardwick

It is illegal to use, copy, reproduce, print, or publish without Author's explicit permission.

Lifemothers is copyrighted 2002-2003 by Skye Hardwick

Celebrating Mothers. Offering support, resources, and compassion to Lifemothers. Founded by Lifemother, Skye Hardwick, Lifemothers strives to be a safe haven for all Lifemoms; regardless of age, or contact with child. Lifemothers: because a birthmother's role does not end at 'birth', but continues for life!

new & needed
Needed: girls, I so need your stories and book reviews! Come on, let's hear those voices of yours!

"When people say "first-mothers" they are speaking chronologically. They do not mean to insinuate that they are first in quality, first in the child's heart, or anything else. And they are not insinuating that the adoptive mother is "second", in any way except chronologically."

~ Sharon Murphy

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